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Persianize is Your Trustworthy Persian Partner!
Persianize offers professional Persian (Farsi) translation, editing, proofreading, transcreation, software
localization, QA, graphic design and DTP services.
Millions of words translated, thousands of projects completed, hundreds of world-class clients served on
a regular basis!

» English to Persian technical translation
» English to Farsi technical translation
» English to Persian medical translation
» English to Farsi medical translation
» English to Persian legal translation
» English to Farsi legal translation
» English to Persian software localization
» English to Farsi software localization
» English to Persian website localization
» English to Farsi website localization
» English to Persian certified translation
» English to Farsi certified translation
» English to Persian media translation
» English to Farsi media translation

» Persian to English technical translation
» Farsi to English technical translation
» Persian to English medical translation
» Farsi to English medical translation
» Persian to English legal translation
» Farsi to English legal translation
» Persian to English certified translation
» Farsi to English certified translation
» Persian to English media translation
» Farsi to English media translation
» Persian DTP Services
» Farsi DTP Services
» Software testing
» Software engineering

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